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  • Amanda says:

    Hi Guys

    So this was my first time shaving my hair off. I’ve lost family and friends and know of those still fighting this dreaded disease.
    But I know that there is Hope because with Jesus all things are possible.
    Keep the faith guys
    Blessings Always

  • Arthi says:

    Hi guys, I just had my hair sprayed on Saturday in the memory of my loving Grand Ma, who we lost in February 2014 to Breast Cancer. She was a fighter right till the end. Never went for Chemo or anything. Towards the end of her long battle which she never let it get her down, doctors said she had “Third Stage Aggressive Cancer”. But my nani enjoyed her life to bits. Nani (Ma) you are missed dearly by us all. We know you are our guiding Angel. Thank you for never giving up…

    What a beautiful soul, gone too soon..

  • Masie thapelo says:

    My team of 10 students (6 Wits SAMSA committee members and 4 friends) came together to work as a team to raise money to show our support in solidarity with cancer survivors. We had 6 brave donors who shaved their hair, 9 who sprayed their hair, and a number of those who just donated cash, and one student who donated her hair for making wig for those on chemotherapy. We managed to collect R510 (excluding the cash donated into the Cansa money box). The cash is being donated to the Cansa organisation. The team members participated in their very first Cansa Shavathon and we all had fun and great experience, hence we are all prepared to have another event like this and continue making a change in our society.

  • Kerwin Scholtz says:

    My daughter, Kristin Scholtz, was diagnosed with kidney cancer on 14 August 2015. It came as a huge shock to my wife and I and the whole family.She had her left kidney removed on 30 September 2015. The operation was a huge success, thanks to the doctors and nursing staff at the Red Cross children’s hospital in Cape Town. I feel i should also commend Dr Mathews and Dr Vermeulen at Provincial Hospital in Port Elizabeth. Also all the medical staff at St Georges Hospital that had a hand in getting Kristin to where she is today. She will be receiving her last chemotherapy session on 11 April 2016, God willing and she has already been declared cancer free. There are countless people to thank for the prayers, support and treatment of my daughter. I would like to be more active in awareness campaigns and fundraising. Is there anyway i could be notified via e-mail about any events? Regards Kerwin Scholtz

  • Natalie Lakshmanan says:

    hi!I wud like 2 donate my hair for sum1 dat will need it .my mother in law was diagnosed with cancer in January 2016 and within a month she jst got worse.all we could do was watch her suffer in pain and the doc sed der was nothing dey cud do .she could eat or drink anythin.she passed away on the 22 January’s really broke me 2 see her suffer like this is for her and all the other people who have survived n are still fighting.AND dis is also for the baby I luked after and love.Lium this is for you.we luv u baby.can some one plz contact me to let me know how to go about it.thnx !NATALIE

  • minola bothma says:

    This year will be the first time I will participate in the shavathon. Ill be shaving my hair in memory of my father. He was diagnosed last year november with lung cancer,but it was to late. The drs couldn’t do anything for him. Having to hear that all you have left is time shattered me. I was always the apple of his eye. He kept me strong through everything in my life. Seing him fight the battle till the very end was heart breaking. This once strong man suddenly being so weak. It tore me appart knowing I’m losing my father. He won his battle on the 26 january 2015 @9:10am when he got to go home to our God. Hearing him say that he doesn’t want to leave me was the worst. The little time he had left was terrible. Seing him suffer like that, not being able to eat and later not being able to drink anything. Cancer has really been a sad reality in my life. Something that I could never of imagined. my dad was my hero. It’s almost been a month without him and its a struggle everyday, but I keep trying to be strong. I want to shave my hair not just for my father, but for everyone who lost someone to cancer and for those who are fighting this battle. Never give up, for the strength you have will give those close to you more encouragement and a stronger will.
    Psalm 23

  • Schebonn De Wet says:

    Hi there,

    I will be shaving my hair for myself this year. I was diagnosed with Melanoma in September 2014 and was declared Stage 4 in November 2014 with tumors on my liver and ovaries. I have just done my 3rd cycle of chemo and I still have 11 more to go, until November 2015 when I get my transplant. My dedication is for all the fighters and survivors and I hope no one ever gives up and always keeps faith in the Lord. While going through chemo myself, I know it is difficult to stay positive but I believe we can all do this!!! Our scars are symbols of our strength!!!

  • Alan dean says:

    Hi there I am going to shave and spray my hair in aid my uncle who died of cancer and my aunty who is a survivor of breast cancer and I myself are a survivor of testicular cancer and will be coming up to a year in august 2015 that I have been clear of it thanks alan

  • Bev Watt says:

    Hi there

    I’m going to be spraying my hair at the Shavathon as a tribute to two of my first cousins and a second cousin, Dianne, Barbara and Kim respectively. Dianne and Barbara are sisters and Kim is Dianne’s daughter. Dianne and Kim are both double mastectomy cancer survivors. Barbara discovered the lumps in her breast and lymph early, was able to have treatment immediately and recently had a lumpectomy.

    Ladies, I salute you and all other cancer sufferers. My tribute to you specifically is to say that you have had, and still have unbelievable strength, tenacity and determination to beat this curse. You are incredibly courageous.

    With love

  • Anna McHattie says:

    I shaved my hair in 2010 and will be doing it again this year. This is for everyone in my family, friends and just anyone that has lost someone through cancer or someone that is going through therapy at the moment and fighting cancer.

  • Pieter says:

    In February 2014 my dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. He was always such a strong person and did everything for himself. The cancer was spreading to his throat and the doctors could not do anything for him. The only thing we could do was to stay strong for him and my Mother. Sadly on July 03 23:00 he lost his battle and we lost him. One thing I am very thankful for is that we all had the change to say goodbye to him that night and for that I praise the Lord. It is still a very difficult time for us and now my sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had to undergo a double mastectomy(Not sure if that is the right word).My mom also has lumps on her breast and we are awaiting the doctor from Steve Bheko so that she can undergo a biopsy because she does not have a medical aid. All in all it has been a very difficult time these few months but try to keep positive.

  • Annari Burger says:

    Me and my kid from res (at Kovsies) decides to go and spray our hair all the colours to support CANSA. My grandma, who I loved to the ends of this earth and back twice, died of cancer on 31 January 2002, when I was in grade 3. I was so young, but I remember the amazing person she was. So I’m very very excited to do it again this year as this cause is very close to my heart ♥

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