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Capital Outsourcing Group Host Shavathon & Competition

Capital Outsourcing Group Logo postThe Capital Outsourcing Group launched a nationwide Shavathon Competition, while hosting Shavathon events.

Staff competed for the title of most creative / inspirational shaved or sprayed head.

A total of 217 heads were shaved / sprayed and staff raised R10 850. Thank you!

Some Finalists & Winners Share How Cancer Has Affected Their Lives:


Ricardo (shave):

I took part in the Shavathon initiative as a tribute to 3 family members: my Grandfather and Great-Grandfather (who both passed due to lung cancer) and my uncle (who passed away due to prostate cancer).

Blake (shave):

I have a cousin – Courtney Lee Cullis – who lives in JHB. Courtney was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when she was 16 years old. She is now 22 and has made a complete recovery after severe chemotherapy and the resulting hair loss. Courtney was so positive and didn’t let the disease control her life. She controlled the disease and came out stronger than before.

The Shavathon was so much fun and a great way to get the staff to interact ‘outside of work.’ I will definitely be participating again next year and encourage more people to get involved.

Winners Spray:

1st Place: Refilwe Moumakwe (Gauteng Isando)

My reason for being part of the drive was mainly for all the people in the world suffering from cancer. I do not know anyone close to me that is suffering from the disease, but if I was suffering from it, I would feel so loved and honoured if people showed their support in this way. So my reason was purely to show people out there that my prayers are with them and also for charity purposes which is very close to my heart. I am all for giving back, even if it’s a smile and comfort.

2nd Place: Stefan Odendaal (Nelspruit)

I did it for my Oom Jan who passed away from stomach cancer and liver cancer. I still miss him some days.

3rd Place: Vincent du Plooy (Bloemfontein)

Winners Shave:

1st Place: Karin Kushke (Durban Poplar)

Shaved for both her grandparents…

2nd Place: Carmel Ward (Durban Hampden)

I participated because of my mum. She was diagnosed with cancer and passed away within 2 yrs after diagnosis. I remember when the doctor called us in and advised her of the side effects and one of them was possibly that her hair would fall out. My mum loved her hair and she would sit every evening, while watching Generations or some programme on TV and put rollers in before going to bed.

She was like “Carmy, no man I have to cut my hair.” I couldn’t believe it – the more my brother and I convinced her not to do it she didn’t listen to us. She took it all off even before starting any of her treatments and kept it short (like a number 2). She refused to use hair dye or wear any wigs. So she had this boy cut with grey hair. She bought herself some “Silver Shampoo”. This used to make it a glossy shine and not dull grey hair. We eventually all got used to it. She rocked that boy cut!

When I heard about Shavathon my mum was on my mind the entire time. I think it was because it was her birthday week and I was thinking about how I would have made her day special if she was still around. I eventually fell asleep that Sunday evening and had a dream about her that made me get up crying and in this dream I could hear her saying to me, “Hey Carmy, just cut it because it is for a good cause! Stop being a stalling engine!”

Now this was something she said all the time when I was dilly dallying about some decision, I laughed about it and eventually fell asleep. The next morning I wrestled with myself, prayed about it and right up until the point of actually sitting in that chair I was not sure about shaving my hair.

Then I reminded myself that I was doing this in memory of my mum and Grandad!

Once I had shaved my hair, I felt good for doing it. It is just something so small, but I know it would mean so much to a cancer patient, someone who is sitting exhausted from Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy and just watching their beautiful hair fall out. I would do it all over again if it would help one more person.

I pray for all families that are dealing with a loved one who has cancer or have lost a loved one because of cancer. May God strengthen you all. May he comfort all who mourn the loss of a loved one. Let His Holy Spirit heal and sustain. I stand in Faith and believe that God knows the plans He has for us and by His Stripes there is Healing, Amen.

3rd Place: Lesley George (Gauteng Isando)

I had a very special family member pass 5 years ago due to liver cancer. He was 24yrs old and one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the pleasure in meeting.

He had a great sense of humour and an amazing heart, his gentle nature was uplifting and the lessons he taught so many of us, while he was here for his short time, were mind blowing. I miss him so much and think of him daily. Bless you George. Miss you…

Angelique Van Der Westhuizen (organiser of competition) shares:

My Grandpa passed away in February from aggressive cancer in his lungs, pancreas and brain.

We were fortunate enough to have him not go for chemo and having him at home, with all his children and grandchildren surrounding him, from Freestate, George and Cape Town.

It was a very special time. He was in and out of deep sleeps, as he was on morphine. But when he woke up and recognized one of us, it was very special. The “hand” photo of me and Grandpa, was taken on Saturday before he passed away. He passed away the following Monday.

Polokwane Group

Staff also wished to support Lena, a colleague who is fighting cancer (see pic above).

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