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CANSA Shavathon 2015 Social Media Competitions

We had exciting social media competitions running on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where supporters shared their Shavathon experience.  View winners below.


Prizes for our Shavathon Facebook competition:

We are excited to announce our CANSA Shavathon 2015 Facebook competition WINNERS!
Congratulations to the following people (in random order):
  • Odette Evans Metcalfe
  • Heloïse Enslin
  • Tanya Cloete
  • Uzma Hayat
  • Moira Hunter Staffen
  • Candice-Lee Rijsmus
  • Tracy Wentzel
  • Ilze Holtzkamp
  • Ndu Nduh
  • Marty Jasper
  • Talita Holmes
Thank you for supporting Shavathon and taking the effort to tell us why and for whom you participated.
Here are excerpts of some of the poignant, yet inspirational stories we have received:
I participated on this event because I was longing to make a difference and save lives of people living with cancer and I saw the importance of supporting them, through the event I learnt a lot.
I learnt that cancer survivors needs more love to deal with what they are going through, Shavathon was one of the event that made me realise that solidarity can heal hearts, spraying and shaving was not only for fun but it mends a lot of broken hearts for people who lost their loved ones and people who are living with cancer.
Shavathon made me be aware of cancer and to take this disease seriously, it made me think about those people who are affected by cancer and those who lost their loved ones on what they are going through and how they need a helping hand from us to beat cancer, but what I learnt more is that you can’t beat cancer alone, you need people to support you, love and flow with you to beat it and that’s what’s Shavathon was all about, it was about fighting cancer together as a whole nation.
My family and I participate as I am a breast cancer survivor.
There are too many other cases to mention individually, but a friend Odette Metcalf was rediagnosed with brain cancer early in Jan 2015, and she’s been given 6-12 months. She’s currently undergoing radiation & chemo treatment.
I decided to spray my hair in solidarity with my sister, who has Ovarian Cancer. She has been a pillar of strength throughout her trials and tribulations. The journey is not yet over, but the end is near. She has been incredible and such a motivation and bright spark and has not once let her illness define her. I will continue to spray my hair with her, until both of our hair is long enough to shave.
I participated in the Shavathon2015 for myself and for several family and friends who has been diagnosed with cancer. Last year I was diagnosed with liposarcoma and has had several surgeries to clear it and had chemo as well. I was one of the lucky ones who is now been in remission for 2 months and going strong. I had several friends who has joined me today either to shave their hair or spray as support . By shaving my head I support anyone going through cancer or remission also remembering the ones we have lost along the way. I salute you all. I thank God that I had a second chance.
Almal wat kanker het, al die mense wat so hard teen kanker veg en vir al die survivors!! Be strong!
Supporting CANSA is important to me as my mom passed away from cancer and my father is currently battling the disease. Donating my hair for a real-hair-wig is exciting – I know how uplifting it can be for a chemo patient to be able to don a lovely hair style … and my hairstyle will grow back with ease.
The reason I decided to participate in this year’s Shavathon is my Grandfather lost the huge battle against cancer in 2013. It was a horrible ordeal and I miss him everyday.  One of my very close family friends has been fighting cancer for 3 years and has been doing well. This past week her count has gone up considerably.
So this was just a very small tribute to our taken angels and our fighting heroes.  I donated all my locks. In the one picture you will see I am having a small cry as this was very emotional for me as it meant sooooo much. Thank you for such an amazing drive.
After surfing breast cancer since 2007 I have succumbed to lung, lymph, bone and now brain cancer with a short prognosis for survival.  My husband shaves his head at home for me and then donates ten times more to the local Shave-a-thon which he did again today. Keep up the good work and the caring for people.
My family participated in the Shavathon as my husband’s mom is a breast cancer survivor. Also recently I had a brain tumor removed, however it was benign and we could celebrate that, as many others don’t have the opportunity to do so.
I sprayed my hair today for myself. I have been diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian cancer at the age of 24. Six cycles of aggressive chemotherapy had been endured. Now what is left is surgery to remove what is left of the tumour! It has been a beautiful journey thus far, challenging but beautiful!
The first time I remember being aware of the CANSA Shavathon was when my gran was diagnosed with breast cancer. One of her biggest worries about the chemo was the thought of losing her hair. She was lucky enough that her hair thinned but she didn’t lose all of it. I remember telling her that I was going to shave my head in support of her and she got really upset with me and forbid me to do it. She was from the generation where you didn’t go outside to collect your mail without a full face of makeup. She lost her battle with cancer in 2010. Since then I have participated in some way in the Shavathon… One year donating my time or otherwise donating money and having my hair sprayed. Last year I found out about the ponytail donation and felt that this would be a wonderful way to honor my gran. So I started growing my hair. I managed to donate about 40cm. My gran would have loved my short hair as well as the idea that someone who isn’t as lucky as she was to keep their hair would get the rest of it. I hope that who ever received my hair wins their battle.
I am a survivor 2! Radiation and Bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction done. My sister gone through chemo twice and still in remission for 5 years after stage 4 breast cancer metastases. Mom a survivor for 23 years now as well. Done this to show all other woman that bald is beautiful ! Wigs are hot and uncomfortable in any event… And what is the best of it all, you can’t help to miss their beautiful eyes and smiles if the hair is out of the way 🙂
I participated in the CANSA Shavathon because of all the family members I have lost to cancer over the years.. including my Grandfather who suffered with throat cancer.. my sister who had cancer removed and a friend who only recently found out they have leukemia. Cancer can affect anyone from any walk of life and it had affected my family in more ways than one. Trust you will have a lovely day. God Bless!
I have recently held a Shavathon for my company. I get involved in CANSA activities as I have a lot of people in my family affected and I pray that with my assistance my family and all others affected can get the help they need. I will always support this cause and also promote this cause wherever I go.  I also use the Shavathon campaign to create awareness for CANSA. I hope to assist more as long as I live.


Prizes for our Shavathon Twitter competition:

Congratulations to our Twitter prize winners (in random order):

  • @OfficialGomo
  • @prasanthpendy
  • @KerinaRamparsad
  • @leighludick
  • @samantha_tyler
  • @andiface947
  • @7LeahB
  • @jo_bosman

Prizes for our Shavathon Instagram competition:

Congratulations to our Instagram prize winners (in random order):

  • @ilana_llama

How to enter:

Follow @CancerAssociationOfSouthAfrica on Instagram.  Share a picture of you having fun during your Shavathon 2015 event, and include the hashtags #CANSAShavathon2015, #CANSA and tag @cancerAssociationOfSouthAfrica.

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